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Fair Trade (FT) not only seeks to improve commercial conditions (short chain, minimum price) for organizations and farmers, but also tries to transform these conditions into social impacts (inclusion, justice, labor law, defense of the territory, food sovereignty, small farmers’ health …) and environmental impacts (soil preservation, care for biodiversity, carbon fixation, pesticide reduction …). In a context of tremendous global changes such as rural marginalization, migration, climate change, and loss of biodiversity, these FT goals seem extremely valuable, as they offer levers for adapting organizations to these changes.


Given that FTIS 2020 will take place in a large region of FT production, it is pertinent to analyze how real the achievements derived from these goals are for small farmers’ organizations, what is the FT contribution to achieving these goals, and above all, what are south-south FT developments and achievements, and finally, what framework should be developed by or within FT to strengthen organizations.


Jointly with the steering committee, the host institution has identified a series of topics relevant for both academics and farmers, along three main thematic areas.