Persistent companionships: The parasitic copepod community of the dolphinfish Coryphaena hippurus on the Ecuadorian coast

Periodo de realización: 1900/01/01 al 2022/01/01

Tipo: Artículo científico

Lugar(es) de estudio: Manta, Ecuador
Resumen: "The common dolphinfish, Coryphaena hippurus, is an important and widespread fishingresource in tropical and subtropical latitudes. It harbors a diverse array of parasiticcopepods, but data on their infection indices are quite limited worldwide. We analyzedits parasitic copepod community and infection indices based on the examinationof 615 individuals of C. hippurus landed monthly on the coast of Ecuador, over aperiod of 1 year. Both the opercular cavities and gills of the sampled fish were examinedfor parasitic copepods, of which nine taxa were recorded: Brachiella quaternia,Caligus belones, C. bonito, C. coryphaenae, C. productus, Euryphorus brachypterus,E. nordmannii, Lepeophtheirus sp., and Lernaeenicus sp. The finding of five of thesespecies (i.e., B. quaternia, C. belones, C. productus, E. brachypterus, and E. nordmannii)represents new geographic records. C. bonito showed the highest prevalence (83%),mean abundance (5.46 ± 4.99), and mean intensity (6.57 ± 4.99), followed byB. quaternia (prevalence = 32%, mean abundance = 1.89 ± 5.66, mean intensity =5.89 ± 5.71). The infection indices of C. bonito decreased with increasing host lengthand were higher in females than in males. The parasitic copepod community of commondolphinfish in this study was similar to communities in other parts of its geographicdistributional range, including the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea,and the Eastern Pacific, consistently dominated by a generalist parasitic species. Thisis the first and most detailed quantitative evaluation of the parasitic copepods associatedwith the dolphinfish and updates the extant parasitological data for this host."

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