Degradation activity of fungal communities on avocado peel (Persea americana Mill.) in a solid-state process: mycobiota successions and trophic guild shifts

Periodo de realización: 1900/01/01 al 2022/01/01

Tipo: Artículo científico

Lugar(es) de estudio: Michoacán, México, Campeche, México
Resumen: "To explore the capability of soil mycobiota to degrade avocado peel waste and identify relevant successions and trophic guild shifts, fungal communities from three environments with different land uses were evaluated in a solid-state process. Soil samples used as inoculum were collected from a pristine mature tropical forest, a traditionally managed Mayan land, and an intensively managed monospecific avocado plantation. Soil-substrate mixes were evaluated for 52 weeks to evaluate organic matter decay and the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio. Amplicon-based high-throughput sequencing from internally transcribed spacer (ITS) analysis revealed significant differences in fungal communities widely dominated by Fusarium sp. and Clonostachys sp."

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