Changes in the physical, chemical, and sensory properties from three native corn landraces from Chiapas using two nixtamalization times

Periodo de realización: 1900/01/01 al 2021/01/01

Tipo: Artículo científico

Lugar(es) de estudio: Chiapas, México
Resumen: "The objective of this study was to investigate the variation in physical, chemical, and sensory properties of tortillas when using two nixtamalization cooking times for three native corn landraces with different kernel hardness levels. When Olot´on and Comiteco races are cooked with lime for 60 min, tortillas were softer and rolled better. In contrast, when Tuxpe˜no was nixtamalized for 30 min tortillas were less prone to breaking. Starch gelatinization is the main factor responsible for textural changes, although retrogradation may also be involved. Structural composition of grains affects thermal and rheological properties and, consequently, the texture of tortillas. Textural properties (tension, rollability, and elasticity) of tortillas are affected by the type of endosperm (hard and soft), whereas kernel hardness correlated only with tortilla tension. Chemical composition correlated well with kernel shape, starch thermal (enthalpy) and rheological properties. Protein affected tortilla elasticity, firmness, and smoothness. Fat and carbohydrate were negatively correlated with nixtamal aroma but protein was positively correlated. Crude fiber correlated negatively with tortilla smoothness, and corn-aroma. Even though the perception of aroma, flavor, smoothness was related to corn landrace, cooking time also exerted an effect. A longer nixtamalization cooking time usually reduces the intensity of tortilla sensory properties like corn and nixtamal aromas."

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