Chapter 5: Ungulates of Calakmul

Periodo de realización: 1900/01/01 al 2019/01/01

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Resumen: "Abstract Calakmul region located in the south of Yucatan peninsula in southern Mexico is an amazing site that contains a vast diversity of ecosystems and some of the largest extensions of tropical forests in Mexico. These forests still host six spe- cies of ungulates, including the largest and last survivor of the Neotropical mega- fauna, the Central American tapir, and one of the rarest ungulate species in Mexico, the white-lipped peccary, as well as another peccary species (collared peccary), the white-tailed deer and two species of brocket deer. All these species face serious conservation threats, as they are some of the most preferred prey species for of sub- sistence hunters and/or require large extensions of habitat in good conservation sta- tus to fulfill its basic survival needs for survival. This chapter is an attempt to summarize what is currently known on the ungulate species of the Calakmul region and we end by pointing out gaps in the existing information, information that is missing and is absolutely necessary to apply conservation and management plans of these highly interesting and endangered species."

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