Class Branchiura

Periodo de realización: 1900/01/01 al 2020/01/01

Tipo: Capítulo de libro

Resumen: "Branchiurans are ectoparasites of teleosts and dwell mainly in freshwaters but occur frequently also in brackish and marine waters. These parasites are also found on some amphibians including the salamanders Pseudobranchus axanthus (Netting & Goin, 1942) from Florida and Ambystoma dumerilii (Duge`s, 1870) from Mexico, and tadpoles of Rana species (Poly, 2003). There is a single family Argulidae, which contains about 155 nominal species belonging to 4 valid genera: Argulus, Chonopeltis, Dipteropeltis, and Dolops (Poly, 2008"

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