Tapirs of the Neotropics

Periodo de realización: 0001/01/01 al 2019/01/01

Tipo: Capítulo de libro

Lugar(es) de estudio: Cham, Suiza
Resumen: "This chapter presents a concise review of available information on the ecology and conservation of the three Neotropical tapir species: the lowland tapir (Tapirus terrestris), the mountain tapir (T. pinchaque), and Baird´s tapir (T. bairdii). Tapirs play important roles in the dynamics of tropical ecosystems as browsers, seed dispersers and seed predators, and they have been used as food sources in rural communities of the Neotropics for centuries. A considerable number of research projects have been conducted on these species during the last 25 years in most range countries. Research shows evident declines in population sizes and distributions of the three species throughout Central and South America, primarily due to habitat fragmentation, habitat loss, and poaching. Habitat and population management practices coupled with ecological research and social involvement are essential for tapir conservation across the Neotropics. Participation of local communities is necessary to ensure tapir populations’ persistence in both protected and unprotected areas."

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