Soil stability analysis for wave-induced momentary liquefaction beneath porous bonded revetments

Periodo de realización: 2018/06/01 al 2018/01/01

Tipo: Artículo científico

Lugar(es) de estudio: Chetumal, Q.R., México, Brunswick, Alemania
Resumen: "The highly porous revetments made of Polyurethane Bonded Aggregates (PBA) are an ecologically friendly alternative to conventional revetments for protection against coastal erosion. No information has yet been reported for these structures on failures from field applications. However, a well-documented collapse of a PBA-revetment observed in large-scale tests (GWK tests) and a first stability analysis were reported by Oumeraci et al. 2010, 2012. Based on these results, a methodology is proposed for stability analysis of the embankment subsoil beneath PBA-revetments against momentary liquefaction, considering the results of the comprehensive parametric study (Alcérreca-Huerta, 2014) using a recently developed CFD-CSD (Computational Fluids Dynamics- Computational Solid Dynamics) model wavePoreGeoFoam (Alcérreca-Huerta and Oumeraci, 2016a"

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