Orientatractis brycini sp. nov. (Nematoda: Atractidae) from characiform freshwater fishes in Gabon, Africa

Periodo de realización: 2017/06/01 al 2017/01/01

Tipo: Artículo científico

Lugar(es) de estudio: Gabón
Resumen: "The nematode Orientatractis brycini sp. nov. (Atractidae) is described from the intestine of Brycinus macrolepidotus Valenciennes (Alestidae) and Xenocharax spilurus Günther (Distichodontidae) collected in two localities from Gabon, Africa. The new species is characterized by the presence of four submedian lips with well-sclerotized pieces armed with two recurved pointed spines and one median large spine on their distal part, along with two smaller spines posterior to amphidial pores. It differs from its congeners mainly in the length of both spicules, gubernaculum, presence of two lateral spines posterior to amphids, distribution and number of caudal papillae. An emended generic diagnosis is provided. This is the eighth species in the genus Orientatractis, the fourth from fi sh hosts and the fi rst from Africa, which expands its geographical distribution."

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