Effects of local energy sources on the in situ digestibility and ruminal kinetic of Erythrina poeppigiana foliage in a silvopastoral system

Periodo de realización: 2015/06/01 al 2015/01/01

Tipo: Artículo científico

Lugar(es) de estudio: Turrialba, Costa Rica
Resumen: "Abstract – This study evaluated the effect of sorghum grain (Sg), green banana (Gb), polished rice (Pr), and sugarcane molasses (Mo) on the"in situ" digestibility ruminal kinetic of Poró (Erythrina poeppigiana) foliage under silvopastoral conditions in Turrialba, Costa Rica.Four ruminally cannulated Romosinuano steerswith a mean live weight of 450 kg (SD 31) were used. The experiment was designed as a 4 x 4 Latin Square with one square and four periods. Steers grazed in twelve paddocks on pasture composed of African star-grass (Cynodon niemfuensis), ruzzy grass (Brachiaria rusisiensis), and natural grasses (Axonopus compresus and Paspalum conjugatum), under a rotational grazing system. Energy sources were supplemented at 0.60 Mcal ME /100 kg (BW)/day. The steer were supplemented daily with fresh foliage (leaves, petioles, and stems) of Poróat 0.5 kg of DM/100 kg BW. Significant differences (P< 0.05) were found among the DM of energetic supplements for initial degradability, potential degradability and degradation rate. The effects of treatments on the degradability parameters of the DM of Erythrina and the grass blend as well as on N-NH3 and pH content, were not significant (P < 0.05). In addition, there were no significant differences (P< 0.05) among treatments for total concentration of volatile fatty acids (VFA´s) (mmol): (Pr = 87.0, Gb = 95.0, Sg =96.0, Mo = 87.0)"

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