Carbon stocks in organic coffee systems in Chiapas, Mexico

Periodo de realización: 2015/06/01 al 2015/01/01

Tipo: Artículo científico

Lugar(es) de estudio: San Cristóbal de Las Casas, CHIS, México
Resumen: "Agroforestry systems contribute to the maintenance of ecosystem functions, especially agrisilvicultural systems such as shade coffee systems. However, the role of organic crops to store carbon has been scarcely investigated. This study aimed to quantify carbon stocks in organic polyculture coffee plantations, non-organic polyculture plantations, and organic Inga spp.-shaded coffee systems in northern Chiapas, Mexico. Vegetation inventories were carried out in 1,000 and 100 m2 circular plots from six agroforestry communities. Carbon stocks were estimated from living biomass and roots through allometric formulas"

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