Beetle succession and diversity between clothed sun-exposed and shaded pig carrion in a tropical dry forest landscape in Southern Mexico

Periodo de realización: 2014/06/01 al 2014/01/01

Tipo: Artículo científico

Resumen: "Over a 31- day period, the decom positio n pro cess, beetl e di versity and success ion on clothed pig (Sus scrofa L.) carcass es were studied in ope n (agricu ltural lan d) and sha ded habitat (second ary fores t) in South ern Mexico. The decom positi on process wa s catego rised into ?ve stages: fre sh, bloate d, active decay , adv anced decay and rem ains. Except for th e bloate d sta ge, th e elapsed time for each decomp ositio n stage was s imilar betwe en ope n and sha ded hab itats, all carcasses reached an advan ced decay stage in seven days, and th e ?fth sta ge (rema ins) was not record ed in any carcass during the time of this s tudy. A tot al of 6344 bee tles, belong ing to 130 specie s and 21 famil ies, we re collected during the entire deco mpositi on process, and abunda nces increa sed from fresh to adv anced decay stages. Staphylin idae , Scarab aeid ae and Histerid ae were taxonomi cally and num ericall y domi nant, accoun ting for 61% of th e specie s rich ness and 87% of the total abu ndance. Simil ar nu mbers of specie s (87 and 88 specie s for ope n and shaded habitats , respect ively ), levels of di versity and prop ortions (open 49%"

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